Choosing the Right Financing Option

Your Business Needs

Consider why you need the funding and what type of financing will best meet your needs.



Your credit score and financial history will impact your ability to secure financing and the terms of the loan.



Interest Rates & Fees

Different lenders and types of loans will have different interest rates and fees. Be sure to understand the total cost of the loan and how it will impact your bottom line.

Repayment Terms

Consider the repayment terms and schedule for the loan, including the length of the loan and the frequency of payments.


Lender Reputation & Experience

Research the lender's reputation and experience with your type of business and financing needs.

Fund Your Business

Faster, easier small business financing with one simple application – customized to your business.

Compare loan offers from our network of 90 + lenders.

Apply in just 15 minutes & get funded as quickly as 24 hours.

Get personalized support throughout the funding process.

We reviewed 100’s of lenders to narrow down the best options.




Financial Institutions









Customer Service


Why FinancingXpress?

Loans from $1,000 - $50,000 on one of the nation’s largest network. Get funded in as little as 24 hours

Compare rates on the nation’s largest network
Get funded in as little as 24 hours
Pay off your loan with fixed monthly payments

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Credit Chef

Wonderful experience

Wonderful experience! They helped me clients get the funding they needed very fast and no hassle. If you need funds to grow your business this is the business you need in your back pocket! Date of experience: March 08, 2023

William Hernandez

Experience was nothing but excellent

Experience was nothing but excellent. Walk me through the application, talk to me in different way to approach different offers and what is the best one. Helping me build a relationship. Date of experience: March 21, 2023

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